Live Laugh Love

Live Laugh Love

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It hit me about three weeks ago that I was not living.  Ok, that sounds weird. I mean I am living. I am breathing, right? I meant that there were so many dreams I had, that I hadn’t yet achieved or even planned for. I want to live laugh love. I mean how could I be hoping for certain things like travel and freedom and making bullion if I hadn’t planned for it.

What about bemoaning my weight increase day in and day out and doing absolutely nothing about it but help in its increase. It was like each kilogram was competing with the other to add another onto it, creating a multiplier effect that was not funny, not on my hips and definitely not on my tummy.

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Live every moment

Laugh every day

Love beyond words

I think what really hit home for me was when I got the news that my uncle had passed away. I was so shocked. To be honest I was totally blindsided. Uncle of mine aka Uncle Okwanga had just been home to bury his mummy. He used to stay in Zimbabwe so he came over and we got chatting.

I swear he was like the cool uncle. We chatted about everything and nothing, which was so funny because we hadn’t talked in ages but when he came home-home being Uganda, we reconnected. He was my parents’ friends and well in Africa, they become auntie and uncle. Well, at least in our household.

So we start this chatting and it felt like I got a daddy again. You see my daddy died about seven years ago and many times, I feel like some parts of me died with him so finding another daddy was like heaven. And then the message- He has passed away. What?!!! Why? When? Where?

I was here living my life,going about my business and Uncle got the Covid and well, he didn’t win against it. I was devastated. I kept asking myself why I was feeling that. I mean we just reconnected so why was this hurting so much? I realised it was because he was so full of life. He had this booming laughter. You could talk about anything. He was life and this life was laid to sleep just like that.

Live Laugh Love
RIP Uncle Okwanga

And that brought me here to this series. What do I want from my life? I mean life is short, as evidently seen and even if it is, how do I really want to live it? What do I want to do, be and have? How will I make all this happen for myself? It starts with one word- INTENTIONALLY. But what is that? Intention means an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. Work with me people so that’s intentions.Right? Right! Now Intentionally means done with intention or to act with purpose. This means it is not a matter of thinking about doing something.It is actually doing something about it.

I needed to get intentional. I needed to act with purpose on what I wanted. And that was living a life of laughter and love. I was not sure how this was going to go down but down it was going, whether it liked or not. I was going to be intentionally intentional.

And I’ll stitch the words into my heart with a needle and thread
Don’t you cry for the lost
Smile for the living
Get what you need and give what you’re given
You know life’s for the living so live it
Or you’re better off dead

Life’s for the living~ Passenger

Clark Gaither in his personal blog shows how this can be done;

  1. Set a goal

And set a goal I did. I wanted a life of laughter and love but it only ended at the wanting. Now I was moving to the doing. There were three areas I decided needed the great change and that was my relationship with God, with self and with purpose.

I wanted to build my intimacy with God. It was not enough to say I was a Christian. I had to represent it. I am a representative of Christ and it was about time I was really that. I wanted Lovely back in my life. Lovely is my name for the holy spirit.

With self, it was all about loving Patricia- aaayyyiii, needing me time, practicing gratitude and spa days. Every person needs spa days.

For purpose, I was going to be intentional on doing work that was fulfilling and joyful. And do my very best at it.

2. Develop a plan

But how was I going to do all this? I  decided to embark on one hundred days of great change. I embraced my inner intentionality and said I could do this. For the next 100 days, I was going to embark on designing a life I loved. I broke down my goal of a life of laughter and love into the three parts and further broke it down on what exactly I was going to do. I got out my book and begun planning everything. I will admit I got so caught up in the planning that it scared me. Could I actually do this?

100 days of metamorphosis

3. Start

I realised that no matter how much I planned. I needed to just start and so I did. August 23rd 2021, I just started. It has been about a week and I can tell you that the plan keeps changing. What I thought worked, absolutely doesn’t. I realised that it was ok. It was a learning process. I learn as I go. So the plan keeps getting refined. It will never be perfect but hey, perfect is overrated in my books now

4. Build in accountability

This was probably the first thing I did as soon as I knew I wanted to do this. For the different areas of my life, I got serious accountability. Those ones you know who will not joke with you. One was my friend Marie of Opersi. She is my accountability partner for the entire 100 days. We are actually doing it together. Thanks Mari

For my physical health aka weight, I met an amazing transformational health coach, Purity Wako who showed me the way and I must say I am so happy and the next 100 days and beyond. I am walking with her and Health Impact Bond, an accountability group for ladies who want to get physically healthy and lose weight. Ya’ll I was not joking this time. I even got a customised eating plan. Those 12kgs are going. I am going to be fit and supple.

I had started a podcast last year and stopped at just eight episodes. This time, I aimed to publish every week. Accountability partner was none other than Benjamin Kavubu. Man, he was my accountability partner when I just started my blog. If I did not post every Monday, I was bombarded. Who better than him,really?

5. Never Quit

It has just been eight days and eeehh the questions do keep rising up of if I can actually do this. But I can not explain it. This time, I have a drive. I will get through it. I will fall many times but I will always get up.

Live Laugh Love

These 100 days are gonna test me to the brink but I am ok with it. I want a life of laughter and love. It means working for it, being intentional. I am doing this no matter what. This is my prologue. You know that prologue that’s at the beginning of a story. Yes, that one that introduces the world described in a story and its main characters. Well,this is my world and I am the main character. This is the story of me titled LIVE. LAUGH.LOVE

So join me on this journey for the next three months as I share the ups and downs coz we know they will be there. Share in the comments, what have you been or are going to be intentionally intentional about?

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6 thoughts on “Live Laugh Love”

  1. Sorry for your loss some people are so full of life they give us an extra dose and while we mourn loss we celebrate the vigor that this has sparked
    Here’s to living

  2. Firstly, sending you my condolences for the loss of uncle Okwanga. But I’m glad with the awakening it brought for you.

    I’ll be 30 soon and I was just telling someone two days ago how glad I am that I’ve lived my 20s to the fullest of my ability and capacity. That realization has brought me more joy and literally wiped away whatever fear I had about entering the next phase.

    Without a doubt, I know you too will be grateful for the intentionally living you’re embarking on, and for that, I say CHEERS TO THE GOOD LIFE! ????

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