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A tale of Two Industries: From Coffee to Creativity

Koffee KaraVan is a digital multimedia project that seeks to rebrand the creative economy as a model for
sustainable development.
Just like a caravan of ancient times, Koffee KaraVan will tour the streets of Africa online and offline
scouring for creatives- both individuals and brands in the creative industries who are using their gifts and talents to make a difference in their community.


There is a legend going around that coffee can trace its roots back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau where a goat herder Kaldi first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. 

It was later first exported out of Ethiopia in the 15th century to Yemen by Somali merchants and from there to different parts of the world. Coffee was known for being a stimulant then and still is….


A long time ago, Camel caravans used to cross the dunes in thousands, travelling from North Africa, across the desert to the savannah region in the south and back again, in a journey that could take several months.

These caravans were largely controlled by the Berbers who acted as middlemen in the exchange of such desired commodities as salt, goldcopper, hides, horses, slaves, and luxury goods.

The trans-Saharan trade brought with it ideas in art, architecture, and religion, transforming many aspects of daily life in the towns and cities in Africa as stated by World History

Koffee KaraVan

We are merging the tales of long ago, a time that seems like a fantasy of travelling across the Sahara in search of goods, drinking on a dark brewed cuppa that provided enough stimulation to take on the tedious and treacherous journey.

We will be developing different projects under the Koffee KaraVan banner that highlight the different creative industries in Africa. We believe in creative social activism to champion sustainable development in Africa.

Our people survived on trading cash crops like coffee but now it is time for creativity to shine and we want to be part of telling that story. Africa, the time is now. #RebrandingAfrica.


Koffee KaraVan- A brew of Publishing

People in Africa do not read or write. In fact, if you want to hide something from an African,put it in a book.

This is the stereotypical narrative that has been going on for ages. I am so sure you have heard it somewhere. Whilst to some extent on a surface level, it does look like this could be true however once you dig a bit deeper, a whole lot is revealed about the publishing industry in Uganda and Africa. This is the untold story that the Koffee KaraVan wants to tell.

In this particular research, we will highlight the creatives – writers, publishers, editors, book cover designers and all in this industry who are using their creativity to change that stereotypical narrative.

Just like a caravan of ancient times, Koffee KaraVan will tour the streets of Uganda online and offline scouring for creatives- both individuals and brands in the publishing industry to understand what measures can be put in place to develop the industry.

Our Baristas in roasting crime( haha) is ‘British Council #SouthernAfricaArtsThis brew is supported by the British Council Cultural Exchange programme, which supports cultural organisations, festivals, artists, and creatives between the countries of SSA and the UK to create art, build networks, collaborate and develop markets and share artists’ work with audiences.

Renowned Baristas

Meet The Brew Experts

We all know that to brew the perfect cuppa takes the farmers who have grown the coffee to the roasters who do so to just the right temperature and then the guys who bring the different ingredients together in a frothy mixture…or not.

Koffee KaraVan

Koffee KaraVan would not be possible if not for our different partners. We thank them and cheers to more cuppas.

British Council #SouthernAfricaArts
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