Entrepreneurs Advocates Club

Entrepreneurs Advocates Club

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I was introduced to the Entrepreneurs Advocates Club (EAC) in a weird way. I noticed that about three of my friends used to post the same flyers during the week. It was like they were promoting the same businesses. I got intrigued and asked one what was happening? Is this a club? Like what is going on?

She informed me that she is part of EAC. I asked her yes, what is it? She replied,” A club for entrepreneurs”. It is a club where entrepreneurs support each other. Being me, I asked if I could join. Imagine my shock when she said that there was a waiting list and I would have to hold on. I thought ,ok this is more serious than I thought.

Later that week, I was added to the whatsapp group. My goodness, was I in for a surprise!! This group was not for jokes. The new members were quickly oriented. We learnt the vision,mission and guidelines of the club. This group has members in various fields from content creation, marketing, travel, catering, gifts,and so many others.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has.” 

Margaret Mead

Entrepreneurs Advocates Club

EAC is a family of entrepreneurs who meet to discuss opportunities and challenges they face and in the end, everyone goes with a solution.


To create a family-based entrepreneurship community where everyone is a winner


To make it possible for fellow entrepreneurs to gain visibility, market share and profit through networking, partnerships, dynamic and marketing accountability.


  • God above
  • Transparency/Honesty
  • Family-based/Partnership
  • Dynamic
  • Accountability
  • Equity
  • Empowerment


Who has my money!

This group is totally awesome. When I say family, that is exactly what happens. It has been such a refreshing experience being part of a group where everyone is rooting for you.

My first week in the group had us have a training on customer service. You think a training can not take place on whatsapp. Think again! My eyes were opened to new ways of customer service.

 Every Wednesday and Saturday is Promotion day where the club is divided into two groups. Each group has a day where the whole club of about 50 members posts the flyers of the designated members on their WhatsApp status. This has been most awesome. People have gotten sales by those WhatsApp statuses. I can attest because I am in talks with a client because of that.

Credit: Facebook

Collaboration over competition

I asked members what EAC was all about and one member had this to say…

EAC simply means Entrepreneurs Advocates clubs. A place where we advocate/root/recommend each other.

We are happy to see everyone win and find their money.

Who has my money is our slogan and we basically help each other to find their clients in our circles, social media and everywhere we go. 

When someone asks for a service provider, EAC service provider should come first in mind. 

This is why we have trainings- to better our service delivery and customer care so that recommendation comes easy.

Member of eac

Entrepreneurship is so hard. It is a jungle out there with the mentality of man eats man but what if this story is rewritten? What if instead of competing, we are collaborating. I have seen the fruits of this collaboration. Can we make use of our social media that has been used to slander others and gossip and turn it and promote your fellow entrepreneur? EAC is doing exactly that!! It is possible.

All I can say is WHO HAS YOUR MONEY!!

Entrepreneurs Advocates Club

This is Day 10 of the Afrobloggers WinterABC 2021. We are on the Business and Tech week so I wanted to highlight this amazing club of entrepreneurs who are redefining doing business in Uganda. We can achieve so much if we do it together. Thank you Entrepreneurs Advocates Club!

So what are you doing in your entrepreneurship journey? Share with us so that we may advocate for you as well.

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24 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Advocates Club”

  1. Indeed who has our money. Thanks Pat,this is well articulated. The bond EAC members share is unbeatable. Great write up. Molly (Masterpiece House of Pastries)

    1. Wow…amazing grace, proudly associated with all the beautiful souls of EAC, I call it my family, because the bond and care we have for eachother has no other definition…
      Truly Said, the world wd be a better place, if we all stopped seeing eachother as competitors…and start rooting for eachother…
      I know people who have your money, you know people who have my money…when these two heads join…amazing things happen…

      Now imagine 50 members each rooting for eachother…the awareness, the sales, the knowledge is beyond measure…I love you EAC..and Patricia, you are indeed a true member of EAC…amazing write up

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