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From childhood, I have always wanted a shop-not any kind of shop but one that brought many inspirational and fun and silly and sentimental things together- like a bookshop tucked in the corner by the fireplace where I could curl up and read a book while sipping on hot chocolate, a pastry shop that could serve my cravings for doughnuts even when it causes havoc on my hips, and what of a stationery shop that has all those cute notebooks and pens.

Well, I haven’t gotten that shop. YET!! But I wanted to create one online with the same sentiments and atmosphere so welcome to the This is Me Duka. Duka means shop in my language and it is a place where the people gather to get the latest gossip so I hope this will be a place to gather for inspiration. You are most welcome!

Author Patricia Opio with her book This is Me, Katch Up with Koffee KaraVan

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