Brand Me

Brand Me

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I am the CEO of my own company aka ME. And the most important job I have is  to market myself. Wow! That hit me right in the gut. I almost felt like I would double over for a lack of breath.

Goodness gracious me!!! Can I do that? Would I even do that? I have never really got the hang of marketing something. I hope in this journey that I will learn and perfect it. However I am a true proponent for Word of Mouth. If I try a product or service,be it a hair product,a restaurant or even the services of a house help and I love it, I will shout about it from the mountain top. I just want everyone to also experience something great.


“ All of us need to need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEO’s of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today,our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”

Tom Peters in Fast Company

Now I am left here with my hands empty wondering if I can market myself. Me-a Brand. How? How does this even work? Where do I start from? First of all,I am a very private person. I don’t want people knowing my business. I mean it is exactly that. MY business! And yet in the world of today, everyone’s business is everyone’s business! We see it on social media and traditional media also known as TV,newspapers- Can you imagine we are in a time where that’s called ‘traditional ‘? There is a pull and push to be what the world wants us to be. There are trends in fashion,in design,in almost everything and there are so many.It is easy to get lost in the quagmire.

But I have taken a stand and I am saying NO! Don’t get me wrong. It is not wrong to follow trends if you so wish. But as Me, I just cannot do it. I know myself. I will be overrun and then I will get confused and in the end, I will lose the essence of myself. I will become a pale version of myself or worse a poor imitation of someone else. I may not fully comprehend what this brand known as me is all about but I have an inkling. Besides isn’t that the whole point of this journey? To discover…..

“ We are a chosen generation,Called forth to show His excellence. All I require for Life,God has given me. And I know who I am”

I know who I am~Sinach

So yes, Brand Me is still unravelling. It’s still downloading….10%….15%….19% but I will get there. I will get to that point where I can proudly market me. I would like to say that I can do that now but I would be lying. I am still work in progress and I realize that I will always be work in progress because I am not perfect and I never will be but that’s ok. I am learning daily to accept all my imperfections and believe me, they are many. But a day will come,a day very soon where I will reveal the new or maybe the not so new me-just a me that has always been there but never had a chance to show herself. I am getting prepared to arise and shine. Because that’s who I am. This is me!

Rising sun across the African Horizon

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Kajambo, Hello Everyone! Let me tell you a little bit about myself..... I am a multi-passionate Creative Storypreneur, Designer, Creative Consultant and Creativity Coach with a mission to inspire and empower creators- individuals and brands to embrace their stories to unlock their creative potential to design their authentic, purpose-driven brands. I am also the Founder and Creative Director of This is Me!, a digital platform that takes on the role of bringing my mission to life. I love color and all things creative! Well, This is me!

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