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This is Me! is an interactive digital multi-media platform that inspires and empowers creatives-individuals and brands to embrace their stories to unlock their creative potential and design authentic and purpose-driven brands. We believe in helping people design their lives on their own terms through design thinking, coaching and stories of people who have gone before them.

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This is me!

It’s hard getting to that place where you can boldly and authentically declare,’This is Me!”. We live in a world that thrives in molding us to be a version of something that is simply not you. It may be the media,peers,family or social constructs. It is even harder shedding off the masks we have put on just so that we fit in but I am on journey. A journey to shed them off one by one because I want to be an original,not a copy!. Join me as I debunk this and run towards that finish line,simply called Me!


Here we have series and in this season, we have the LIVE LAUGH AND LOVE SERIES!! This series is a three months wellness reset where we will be diving into creating a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul. It is all about a reset that will take us into 2022. Healing our mental, emotional and physical health creating a life of laughter and love.

LIVE LAUGH LOVE phrase is an abridged form of the 1904 poem “Success” which begins:

He achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much

Bessie Anderson Stanley

This series is all about helping you live your life to the fullest. You can join us in the #GlowUp Challenge that will go on till December 5th,2021. Stay tuned for the downloadable end of series chapter affirmations.



Hey my people, we are here today and it is all about positivity. I will be honest I would be so annoyed when I would …
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Joy Joy Joy

Joy Joy Joy

I will be honest with you. This is proving to be a very hard post to write. I have not been feeling joyful the past …
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Koffee KaraVan

Just like the caravans of ancient times, Koffee Karavan will tour the streets of Africa online scouring for creatives- both individuals and brands who are using their creativity to rebrand the narrative of Africa. We aim to challenge stereotypes about creatives and showcase how they are impacting their society thus changing how Africa is seen.

We will share stories about creatives throughout Africa who are changing the face of the Creative Economy with their brands, designs and talents. When a story is told right, everyone wins- the creatives and the nations they call home. It is about a mindset change through creativity. It is all about #MyAfricaMyStory

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