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It’s hard getting to that place where you can boldly and authentically declare,’This is Me!”. We live in a world that thrives in molding us to be a version of something that is simply not you. It may be the media,peers,family or social constructs. It is even harder shedding off the masks we have put on just so that we fit in but I am on journey. A journey to shed them off one by one because I want to be an original,not a copy!. Join me as I debunk this and run towards that finish line,simply called Me!


No, I am not trying to follow Michelle Obama but I must say that she is one inspirational lady!! So if there was anyone I wanted to emulate,it probably would be her. But this category is dedicated to the women out there who are shedding off their misconstrued identities and are stepping into their right identities. We will share stories of women who have gone through the painful process of finding themselves,their authentic selves in the midst of this wilderness that we call,’Life”. To all the women out there,cheers to you!

The Creative Fireplace

It was the late 80’s and around Christmas,we would all pack our bags and head up to the village also known as the countryside. There was no electricity so as the night rolled in,we made due with candles and the light coming of the fireplace which for some reason was smack dab in the middle of the grass thatched huts. Grandma and Grandpa would gather us around as the adults sipped ”Malwa” the traditional millet brew in huge clay pots with long pipes known as ”Iceke”. The best stories were always told right there from proverbs to stories of our long lost ancestors.
Well, This is Me! is creating a digital fireplace where we will share stories about creatives throughout Africa who are changing the face of the Creative Economy with their brands, designs and talents. May the people and their stories inspire you to reach for the stars. STAY TUNED!

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Hello! Trying to figure out where to start- how to get the story hidden within you out to the world? Well, Do not worry! You are in the right place. Just drop me a message and you would have taken a step in the right direction. I can not wait to hear from you.

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