Wake Uuuuppppp!!

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Today I woke up with joy in my heart ❤️ and I just want to spread a bit of that with you. You are more than you think! You are great! You have purpose! You will achieve all you set your heart out to do! Now,it will not be by chance. You are going to have to work it. Hahaha!! You thought it was just going to fall from the sky and land in your lap. Nop, believe me,I too got a wake up call but it’s ok. We can do this. We are on the journey!

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“ You are born with great capabilities but you will not achieve your potential until you call upon yourself to fulfill it. You may rise to the occasion when it presents itself but to assure self fulfillment,you must provide occasions to rise to.”

Gary Ryan Blair

I have been sharing with you about my mentoring group and what we have been going through and this week was about Goal setting. I thought,Oh Lord!!! Really? Why? But the truth of the matter is I am not going to achieve anything if I don’t purpose to do so. It is not a wish washy situation. I can not wish something to existence and actually expect it to happen.

I only know of one miracle maker- I call Him Lord and My Lord requires me to work. So I have to work at this. One of my dreams is to get a PhD. I have had this dream for so long. Seriously,I think it’s been like 20 years. My dad is the one who inspired me and I guess I wanted to make him proud. And then life happened,I kicked it out. It came back and then I had to realize that if I was going to achieve anything,it needed to be because I wanted it. And that, I really wanted it for me,not for my dad but for me,for my future. 

So what next?

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So with this journey and allowing myself the opportunity to dream and imagine my vision, I realized that I still wanted a PhD and not just for just but because it was entwined with a big portion of what I desired to achieve. I am passionate about the creative economy especially in Africa. I want to research on this and how I can be part of the change for my continent.

Yes,I have been told I don’t need a PhD for that but if you have been following the blog,you know that I enjoy learning and so I want to learn,I want experience more. I want to explore where all this can go. And you know what, yeah I plan on being part of the team that designs policies for sustainable development through the creative economy in Africa. Yep,yours truly!!! 

So I got my wake up call…. I want a PhD? Where do I want to study it? How long? When do I want to start? What is required of me now to ensure that I achieve this? Hhhhoooooo, I was like Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

I had a vision with some goals but my goodness,those goals were not SMART– specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. My goals were quite dumb! *pun intended. It made me wonder if I could actually do this. There seemed to be so much to think about,to plan,to set in place.

“ I am small but You are big enough. I am weak but You are strong enough To take my dreams. Come and give them wings, Lord with you, There’s nothing I cannot do. Nothing I cannot do. My hands,my feet,my everything,my life,my love,Use me. I’m gonna set the world on fire. Set  the world on fire.”

Set the world on fire~Britt Nicole

I listened to that song and my spirit jumped. Because I realized that it is not enough to have a vision and set goals. I can not do this on my own. But I have the one who can help me achieve everything. He is my helper,my guide,my counselor. And He is so willing to help me and you and you and you. And I want to do this for me but for Him too. That He may know that all He gave me,I used it to serve. With Him, I am going to set the world on fire. That’s who I am. This is me!

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