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This book has been a long time coming. And when I say long, I mean llllooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggg, I remember the first time, I shared with one of my pastors, He told me that I needed to share this story. Ofcourse I looked at him like he was completely nuts. I was definitely with a capital NO, not sharing this story.

But well, you do know how the story goes…..but in between then and now, has been a plethora of different feelings, fear, shame, wondering if this was the time I will be properly rejected. There has also been joy in those small things like a cream doughnut from Shoprite. Haha! I do love those doughnuts and man, the love shows on my hips..haha

But anyway…yeah it has been a journey,a very long journey with many mountains and hills with me probably screaming and kicking the whole way through but I am here now, sharing my story. It is a story of me embracing myself-the good, the bad and the ugly, getting to a place where I own and accept myself and know to the depths of my soul that This is Me!

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.

Brene Brown

This is Me Book

I guess you are wondering why I would launch it on World Aids Day. Seems straightforward enough, right? Well, not everything is as seems. I always hated this day because it reminded me that this was the journey I had to take for the rest of my life and really it was a reality that I was not ready to deal with.

Well now that I have embraced my story, I want to rewrite the narrative of this day…well at least for me. United Nations theme for this year 2021 is End Inequalities, End AIDS, End Pandemics. I used to see this day as the day the world comes together in solidarity for a doomed people., a day where the statistics for this pandemic scare the hell out of us.

Now I see it differently. World Aids Day is a day to end running away from one’s story, a day to end feeling shame and a lack of self-worth and a day to end self-rejection.

There is no greater agony that bearing an untold story inside you

Maya Angelou

Today is a day to celebrate the warriors who have fought the good fight and gone to a better place and for the rest who still remain fighting strong with everything they got and for the allies who has stood by us in different ways.

It is a day to celebrate the people who as they stand strong embrace every facet of their story, boldly and authentically proclaiming This is Me!

This is Me Book

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Kajambo, Hello Everyone! Let me tell you a little bit about myself..... I am a multi-passionate Creative Storypreneur, Designer, Creative Consultant and Creativity Coach with a mission to inspire and empower creators- individuals and brands to embrace their stories to unlock their creative potential to design their authentic, purpose-driven brands. I am also the Founder and Creative Director of This is Me!, a digital platform that takes on the role of bringing my mission to life. I love color and all things creative! Well, This is me!

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