The Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry

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Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

 Robert Frost

own Your Narrative

The problem though,is your

Eyes. You wear love glasses

To look at others, but hate

Glasses to look at yourself.

Look how strong you are,

With all your unclean truth

before you. Do not be afraid

Of your unclean narrative

The only truly clean narrative is

a dirty one clothed in honesty,

Or a ‘clean’ one clothed in humility 

It does not seek to cause envy;

It lends a helping hand and shows

The way. It accepts your own

Narrative at every point on its

Developing story. Own your

Narrative, and don’t kill yourself

Trying to hide it

Poet Awili Grace

I met the poet of the above poem a couple of years ago and the one thing that struck me about Dr Awilli Grace was that she was so sure what she wanted to do with her life. She said she dreamed of writing. Just that! Now mind you, Grace is also a veterinarian in Karamoja creating sustainable ecosystems through her work as well as a blogger. Catch her blog here.

In her blog, she says, “I aim to tell stories that are thoughtful, eye-opening, impactful, and life-changing. With my experience from my stay in Karamoja, I hope to open it up and demystify it to people who may not know much about it. I hope that I can invite them to come over and have a taste of its untouched and deeply flavored culture; while at the same time, sharing with them the world out there that exists outside of their own.”

Fast forward, we meet in quite an extraordinary way on a Whatsapp group for people who love reading. The group was about sharing whatever book one had. It was and is actually an amazing resource. It’s fantastic being part of a group where everyone shares the same passion- in this case, any and all things related to Books.

The Power of Poetry
Dr Awilli Grace

Sssssoooooo I meet up with Grace and of course in true style, I ask her,” What are you doing? Are you writing?”. She replies,” A resounding Yes.” She goes on to share how she is writing poetry and proceeds to share some of her poetry. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to share this poem by Awili Grace. My hope is it blesses you as it has me because it speaks to the gist of this blog-embracing your story.

The power of poetry

The Power of Poetry

Poetry has the power to dig deep within us and pull out all those wounds we thought we had healed and yet we had just covered them with bandages, imagining they will be healed. Poetry helps us to share our feelings with the world at large, who can connect with it at any given point in time.

It also helps us to find our inner voice and give it a platform for self-expression. Yes, it does. We need to find various ways to express ourselves and embrace our creativity. You can read more on that here. So, please delve into the above poem and own your narrative. Because that’s who we are. This is me!

The power of poetry
Credit: Jborden

Poets out there and everyone else, what has poetry done for you? Run over to the comments and share




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  1. I love the poem! Thanks for sharing and introducing us to Dr. Awilli Grace. I’ll definitely be checking her blog out.

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