The Making of A DJ

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Seriously I am almost like a proud mama. This blog post has been days coming,not because I did not have what to write but because I had so much to write. It is amazing seeing where a person has come from,growing in his gift to reach levels where he is honored. And that is the story of Victor.

I met Victor in 2016 and He was just a young man with a dream- to be a gospel DJ. I was running a social enterprise at that time with my co-founder and we were all about the Youth and leveraging their talents. We had this bright idea as all idealists will attest to,to have a three month youth program at the International University of East Africa. So here we are with this dream and no money,hahaha! but the zeal to see if it would work and we wanted it different- collaborative,creative and fun. So of course we needed music. A friend having heard of our dream said confidently,” I have the right person for you.” And we were promptly introduced to Victor.

When you meet him, he is a very unassuming young man. Smiles a lot and will not say too much unless probed or you bring up a topic he is passionate about. And boy,did we probe and then he unfurled and soon burst forth was his passion to be a DJ. I am passionate about the creative industries but I will be the first to admit I was not too sure where his passion would lead. I mean DeeJaying. But He was adamant. That was it and always would be. Victor gave of himself and I must say we all had a blast when he took us back to the early 00’s with Papa San. If you know,you know…..and right back to where we were with the tunes of Hillsong United.

“ The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”

Emile Zola

Music has the power to bridge gaps like never before. And that is what Victor did with his deejaying. He brought in music that made people see the possibilities placed before them. It was no longer unattainable.

“Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. It’s transporting,for sure. It can take you back,years back,to the very moment certain things happened in your life. It’s uplifting, it’s encouraging,it’s strengthening.”

The Late Aretha Franklin

But who exactly is Dj Victor256? Believe me,it gives me great joy to tell you more about him. Hahaha! Dj Victor256 also known as Victor Ulokcwinywu, is a Ugandan Christian All-Round Multi-award winning DJ. He just won the DJ of the year for the first ever Virtual Vine Awards. He is also an artist and media personality with a passion for gospel music under Geek State Muzik. Having been in love with music,he joined the church choir in his childhood. Before he knew it, he ventured into deejaying in 2014 with a passion to mix music and make people dance.

He is self taught. Yes, you read that right? I didn’t realize that there was opportunities out in the world to study deejaying. You guys, ignorance is terrible! Yes,there are schools for deejaying,and right here in Uganda. Creative industries oyee! Back to Dj Victor256. So he taught himself deejaying through online videos from a couple of Dj’s( thank you Dj’s who are willing to share their expertise),listening to radio mixes and watching Dj shows on TV.( DJ Shows! What world am I in?)……..Anyway,I digress….clearly DJ Victor mastered the craft because he now does his own hype, infused with reggae and dancehall which are obviously his favorite genre of music.

Thank you Mr. DJ for playing my song????

Dj Victor256 has had the opportunity to be the main Dj at various events like The Globe awards in Kenya, Campus Mega Fest,Campus Light, Mixa Kids Biz Expo and many others which have contributed to his rise. He has also been on a number of radio and TV shows, mixing his magic as well as playing for various gospel artists at Christian activations in Uganda.

He is currently a deejay at 104.1 Power Fm and presents on Friday 8-10 am(#Kickstart show with Ekky and Becky) and Saturdays(#Beatstreet from 3-7pm with Cj). Guys, don’t make your Fridays and Saturdays boring. You know where to tune in. I just made it easy for you. Yes, you are most welcome!

Well 2020 can not handle DJ Victor256. He is on fire! Covid-19 or not, having just won the recently concluded Vine awards, He has been nominated for Best Radio Show(2 or more hosts) #Beatstreet UG and Dj of the Year by The Spin Awards 2020. People, just go on and vote for our guy at .It’s on till 31st August,2020 and it’s unlimited so vote today, vote tomorrow, vote the other day. I’m sure you all get where I am going with this…..


This is a story of Be-coming,right before our very own eyes. Let’s support him and the entire DJ Industry in Uganda and Africa. I mean what can we say……

“Thank you for the music,the songs I’m singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing. Who can live without it,I ask in all honesty,What would life be? Without a song or a dance what are we? So I say thank you for the music for giving it to me. “

Thank you for the music~ ABBA

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15 thoughts on “The Making of A DJ”

  1. Its stories like these that everyone out there ought to know about, that way, lots of lives will be transformed.

  2. The picture of success is as clear and vivid as any one chooses to perceive but behind every story is a struggle unbearable and painful that giving up seems to be an option,
    The lengths to which Dj Victor 256 has gone through to identify his realization to the snipet of his potentials is nothing short of inspirational. I pay tribute to his Hard work, endurance and perseverance over the times.

    Wonderful content. Just wonderful.

    1. It’s an honor having met DJ Victor….he’s a sweet spirit with a humble soul…very down to earth….he’s such a blessing and a treasure to our generation….he’s an inspiration….backing you up at all times dear. ….????????????????

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