Six Years Two Months and Twenty Days

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Six Years, Two Months and Twenty Days

It was such a normal day. I woke up early to make my dad breakfast as he had a meeting later that morning. It was to be quite a drive but the day was just a simple,really normal day. I contemplated going with him but He said I would delay him.Yeah! He knew his girls. Ha ha ha! so I just prayed for him as He left and went back to doing the normal things of the day. I had completely forgotten about it till nine pm,when I realized that He hadn’t come back home. I asked myself,” Should I be worried?” Nnaaahh, I told myself until I tried calling him and some random man picked up the phone.

My dad was a very conscientious man,called when he would be late,updated all of us of his itinerary no matter what. So when a random man picks up his phone late at night,at a time he is usually home with no fail,panic indeed reined. We called everyone. We went everywhere-hospitals,the golf club and still we couldn’t find him. It was the next day that we were told that he had been in a car accident and had been taken to the national hospital. All his documents were stolen so He was a John Doe. My sister and I rushed there and quickly had him transferred to a private hospital where he was promptly put in The Intensive Care Unit.

What followed were 37 harrowing days of praying,pleading with God,oscillating between hope and utter despair until one day, He took his last breath. That day was 1st April 2014. It’s been exactly six years, two months and twenty days. I can’t believe that time has actually passed because I will be honest,there are days when it feels like it was just yesterday or the day before where his booming laugh preceded him.

The Father of a daughter is nothing but a high-class hostage!

“ I’ve come to believe that in everyone’s life,there’s one undeniable moment of change,a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything.” 
                                                                                          Nicholas Sparks-Safe Haven

I loved my dad. Hahaha!! I am not ashamed to say that I even considered myself Daddy’s little girl. He was my best friend. So when he died, it was like a part of me had been ruthlessly butchered off- just like that. No warning whatsoever!! I used to even say that my earthly father loved me more than my Heavenly Father. I didn’t understand God at all and his ways, his thoughts,they were simply beyond comprehension. Why would a good father allow terrible things to happen to good people? Surely it could not be His will. It just didn’t make sense!

It’s funny but the demise of my earthly father opened my eyes to the goodness of a Heavenly Father- one who is there no matter what,one who loves us no matter what,one who reigns no matter what. My daddy dying paved way to understanding Abba. He sent people to stand with us from all corners of the world. He provided in ways that I can’t even understand. After 37 days in ICU in one of the best hospitals in Uganda, you better believe it when I say that that bill was colossal. I had no idea how it would be paid and to date, we just have an inkling of how it was paid. The behind the scene story is still blurry but the bill was paid and we didn’t put a cent.

I still miss my daddy like crazy. I don’t think it ever goes. I think the pain lessens and somehow you are able to go on,move on. It’s the circle of life- one dies, another is birthed,a sunset paves way to a sunrise. Day by day, month by month, Year by Year. I had a good father, hands down,no question about it. 

“You’re a good,good father. It’s who you are. It’s who you are. It’s who you are. And I’m loved by you. It’s who I am,it’s who I am,it’s who I am” -Chris Tomlin

And you know what- I still have a good father. A father who is good no matter the circumstance or season because that is simply His nature. And guess what??!!! I am still daddy’s little girl,loved unconditionally by a good father. It’s who I am. This is me!

Happy Fathers’ Day Daddy! Yes, its been six years,two months and twenty days and we still miss you like crazy. As you chill in heaven,probably playing a round of golf-we apologize but this game was not genetic, may you know that we love you and always will!

To the Daddies and daddies to be, may you remember the impact you have on your children with your presence and your words. All we want is you! My prayer is that you indeed become the Fathers’ you were always meant to be.

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17 thoughts on “Six Years Two Months and Twenty Days”

  1. Patricia I can see what you are writing above very clearly because you Dad was a great man and a my personal friend for a very long time. So I can relate to what you are saying above very closely and I thank you very much for doing it. We continue to wish you all the very best in everything.

        1. Thanks Benjamin. That’s what I hold onto. But also the goodness of our Heavenly Father who thankfully is ever present. Thank you for the encouragement and for reading. I really appreciate it.

  2. Kazibwe Anthony.

    This is heart rending! Thank you for keeping his legacy. May Daddy’s soul continue to rest in peace.

  3. What a beautiful piece! I went between tears, laughter and more tears. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day Prof. Fred Opio.

    1. What a beautiful piece. He would be so proud. Scratch that. He is so proud. This has brought back so many memories. His golf dance. Buying us panties, pads and deodorant. He was extra. Miss you Dad. Rest in Perfect Peace! And Happy Heavenly Father’s Day.

      1. Michael Odur Okwele

        Rest in Peace my mentor,
        The world will always remember you not just as a father to your biological children but a father to all most especially to some of us who benefited from your free mentorship in our early years when I was seeking to begin a carrier in Life.
        I remember your humility and the valuable time I spent with you when I visited you at your ofce many times at Makerere university at the research institute/center.
        Then I was a young graduate and you took a keen and a personal interest in mentoring me not to waste any time but to proceed for further studies. Within one year I found my self in UK doing MSC in Computing and Information Technology much as you wanted me to go to McGill University in Canada for MSC in Economic, a process which you had started for me.
        I remember how happy you were for me when I came back from London and I told you that I was now a postgraduate degree holder and that I was gainfully employed with a rewarding Job.
        You were a brilliant and high spirited single handicap golfer, that same day on the golf course as I played with you, you told me never to stop short but continue and persue a doctorate degree which I promise I will do.
        Today you may not be with us in the physical, but your memories remain fresh in our minds, It was just a few days ago that I was telling a friend of mine about you my mentor.
        A lot you taught us , a lot we learnt from you Dr. Your legacy will remain with us forever.

        I pray and I know and trust that God surely gave you a seat in heaven.

        1. Hi ! Mama Jenny and the children I surely can not believe the speed at which time flies. It is like yesterday indeed as Patricia stated in her recollection when this tragedy unfolded before us. I got involved right from IHK all the way through to his burial at Agwata. It was a difficult and nerve breaking time full of so much pain deep down in the marrow. As it is , we wish him a happy fathers’ day knowing that he is in a better place. To Mom Jenny and family, Fred will always be with us through you and the Children. Let’s celebrate this day with hope. Love to you all.

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