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Have you read “Who moved my cheese?” Wow! is the only word I can use to describe it. I had read it before and honestly, it was just an interesting book. Reading it today was a complete revelation. I wondered if I had actually read it. Maybe it’s different because of the season that I am in. It’s like it was speaking to me and not in a kind and calm manner- it was more of a kick in the butt kind of speech.

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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

 Leo Tolstoy

If you have not read this book,I implore you to get it. It’s a very small book,less than 40 pages but do not let that fool you. It may be small but it packs a serious punch,like right there in the gut. So let’s dive right into this book.

The author decided to create four characters 2 mice and 2 small people. I don’t know why He thought of that but somehow it brings the story right home. So the two mice were called Sniff and Scurry, the two little people were called Hem and Haw. And there was the holy grail that all these four were looking for- Cheese which was in a maze. Cheese is a metaphor for whatever we desire. What do you desire?

Well right now, I desire to walk in my  purpose and have the freedom in it to live a life I have designed on my terms, not someone else’s but mine surrounded by those I love and who love me back. So that for me, right this very moment and to be honest, will always be my Cheese, my holy grail! Take the time to think about your cheese!!!

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Well back to the book, these 4 find their cheese- the two mice would wake up early,run to their cheese,tie their shoelaces and hang the shoes around their necks,inspect the cheese for any change and begin to enjoy their cheese. Meanwhile the little people,having found their cheese, would waddle in later in the day,throw their shoes to God knows where and just begin to enjoy the cheese. Lo and behold,one day the mice come and there is no cheese.

They shrug, put on their shoes and they are off through the maze to look for another cheese. The little people come and are in shock. They are paralyzed. Come back day by day, expecting the cheese to materialize until Haw realizes he has to go out into the maze to look for new cheese. Hem refuses and stays on expecting a miracle. Haw starts his journey and does find another holy grail of cheese. I have really summarized it but you guys just need to get this book. I hope I have enticed you to. 🙂

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You have been through this with me so we are going to delve into my life in relation to the book and hopefully you will draw parallels for yourself and analyze your life as well. It’s funny but I saw myself in all those four characters- In my youth,I was sniff and scurry. I was impetuous with no worries and a boldness that I still pray comes back. I would just up and go and do the things that needed to be done. When I would set my mind to something, I would do it. I was that determined. Until…..yeah there is an until….

I got burnt and realized uuuhhh fire burns and it hhuurrttsss and then I withdrew into myself and became Hem. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t do anything. I stayed in my comfort zone even if I knew it was bad for me but because it was what I knew and I felt I ‘understood’ the pain, it was ok. But there reached a point where I just could not stay there because I felt myself dying slowly…..I lost all passion for what I loved, the world had no color. It was black and white. 

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“As we walk down the road of destiny, And the time comes to choose which shall it be The wide or crooked, or the straight and narrow, We got one voice to give and one life to live, Stand up for something or lie down in your game Listen to the song we sing, It’s up to you to make it big, I guess I’ll see you when you see me I’ll see you when you get there, If you ever get there, See you when you get there I’ll see you when you get there, If you ever get there, See you when you get there”

See you when you get there~ Coolio

And then recently, I became Haw- I knew I couldn’t do it anymore: I couldn’t stay in a job I hated even if I had founded it. I couldn’t live the life I was living because it wasn’t what I wanted for myself and so I left it all and ran into the maze. I am not sure if I have found the cheese: I think I am in the maze but I keep finding pieces of cheese along the way that energizes me to continue my journey till I reach the holy grail. And mark my words, I will get there!!

The time for change is now. I may have had a later start but in the next ten years, my regret will not be that I started late but that I did not start at all so I am taking those baby steps. You know what steps are right for you. I may fall but I will get up again because I am gonna be like a baby learning to walk. A few steps, a fall, a toddle and before you know it, they are walking. That will be me and you if we have the courage to do this so let’s take this journey together and change. Because that’s who I am. This is me!




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  2. ‘The time for change is now. I may have had a later start but in the next ten years, my regret will not be that I started late but that I did not start at all so I am taking those baby steps”.

    Words everyone should live by. ????

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