Romance is a bonus book

Romance is a Bonus Book

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Dear Me,

You have been running away from the world through k-dramas. It has been four months. Are you not tired? Nop, I am not. Yes, it was an escape tactic but my God, K-dramas are something else. There is so much I can say about the Korean wave that hit the world but today I will talk about Romance is a bonus book.

I have been dodging this drama. I don’t even know why. I even went on google to find the best romance on Netflix and it was always there but nop, I didn’t watch it. Did I get a premonition that it would change my life? I have just finished it after one day of not moving from my laptop. I am going to watch it again. I need to. It has spoken to my soul in various ways. I need to unpack it………..

“We are like books. We wait for someone to find us and open us to see what’s inside.

Romance is a Bonus Book,Ep 4- Korean Drama Series

I am a book. I am waiting for that someone to find me and open me to see what’s inside. Don’t make me wait any longer. I am tired.

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