Roaring At My Future

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It is amazing that as I go through this journey of self discovery- a theme keeps popping up: Personal Development. I thought that this journey was about me finding myself, discovering purpose, embracing my past,present and future. And it is! But as I am doing all that,it is also about developing me. Wow!! I can not have one without the other. They are intrinsically entwined. And that is the best part of all- the cherry on top of the cake…….as I go through my journey, I become better. Not a better likeness of another person but a better version of myself. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I am humbled that I have been given a chance for a do over. And this do-over entails new dreams and thus setting new goals.

Embracing my story with open arms.

“ By recording your dreams and goals on paper,you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands-your own.”

Mark Victor Hansen
Yes,it’s in my hands!!

I will be the first to admit that I am terrible at goal setting. I can make a goal and completely forget that I made one. I know what you are gonna say,”WRITE IT DOWN!”. I do. But because it’s there locked up in my laptop or notebook, I don’t always see it and thus forget about and hence do not do it. Maybe I lack the motivation. I do not know. But I am switching things up now. I have to do this for me. For the future me. And when will I start if not now? Because whether I like it or not,the future is NOW! And I have an opportunity to mold it. Because no one is going to do this for me. No one can do this for me. It is completely in my hands.

I have been in a funk for many years because I did not believe in myself. I did not think I was worthy thus making goals seemed such a waste of time but as I go through this journey,my outlook about myself has changed,my mindset has shifted. I know I am worthy. I know that I owe it to myself to challenge my previous beliefs and become the best me that I can become. It’s not easy considering that for many years,I have been stuck. Brian Tracy in his book,Eat that Frog says,” Momentum is one of your most valuable resources. It takes a great deal of energy to overcome inertia-to get going-so,once you are on your way,it is your job to keep things going.” It is my job to get started and keep things going. Yes,restarting is going to be hard work but I owe it to my present self and my future self.

 “ I got the eye of the tiger,a fighter. Dancing through the fire . Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar Louder,louder than a lion Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar.”

 Roar~Katy Perry

Yes,it is what it is. 🙂 It takes the same energy to look down on yourself as well as look up at yourself. Hahaha! That probably doesn’t sound right,but you get what I mean. So I am just going to stop that. I am going to fight for me,I am going through the proverbial fire so that when I get out on the other side,I am refined like gold. Yeah,you heard me!! This time,this journey is the refining season,the purification season and through this journey,all the way to the destination- I am one thing! I am a fighter. I am a champion. That is who I am. This is me!

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Kajambo, Hello Everyone! Let me tell you a little bit about myself..... I am a multi-passionate Creative Storypreneur, Designer, Creative Consultant and Creativity Coach with a mission to inspire and empower creators- individuals and brands to embrace their stories to unlock their creative potential to design their authentic, purpose-driven brands. I am also the Founder and Creative Director of This is Me!, a digital platform that takes on the role of bringing my mission to life. I love color and all things creative! Well, This is me!

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