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Hey my people, we are here today and it is all about positivity. I will be honest I would be so annoyed when I would be down in the dumps and someone said you need to be positive. Excuse me, positive?!! Take your positivity and go……..

But I have come to learn- yes, I can be stubborn but I do try to be open minded.Well, I have learnt that being positive is actually very important especially for your wellness.

Thousands of research has actually shown that thinking positively affects your mental health. Our thoughts are very important whether we want to acknowledge it or not and yes I do understand that it is easier to think negatively because it becomes our default but we are in a challenge here people!! We gotta change!! It is a #GlowUpChallenge


Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny

David O. McKay


Yes, positive thinking is important but how does one actually think positive? Maybe some people find it easy but for some of us, we need to work at it. Fountain of Health describes positive thinking as the ability to maintain an optimistic outlook in the face of difficult situations. One way to do this is a self-compassion exercise. Believe me, I too was shocked such a thing existed but it does.

 In this exercise, you treat yourself with kindness and compassion as if you would a good friend. If they came up to you feeling all sad, what would you say or do to them? So when something is happening in your life instead of thinking this is impossible, I can’t do this, ask “What would a good friend say to me right now?” or “What will make this easier?” or “Who can help me with this?” So let’s be that good friend to ourselves.

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“Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.”

– Tony Dungy

Positive People and Growth Spaces

I have said this over and over again but I am going to say it again. You need to surround yourself with positive and growth-oriented people and also spaces that are growth-oriented. It is hard but there will come a time where you have to let go of some people and spaces because they are just not doing it for you. You can not be sad, confused about your purpose and then you are around people with the same mindset. This is like the three blind mice leading each other.

I have been fortunate to meet people who have challenged me and some who are even mentoring me in my journey. They have also opened doors for me to new opportunities. One person I am so grateful for in this season is Marie. She is my Accountability partner in every sphere of my life. She has pushed me to be better and do better and in fact made me join Toastmasters, a group that I have for almost ten years been talking about joining. Ten years! Cheii! Thanks Marie.

Toastmasters is now the growth space that I am so so grateful for in this season. I know you are wondering what Toastmasters is all about and yes, I am gonna enlighten you. Haha! Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. We are about 300,000 members and growing worldwide. I have within my vision, a goal to be a transformational speaker and so Toastmasters is the vehicle for me to accomplish that.

This goal has always been there for so long. I want to preach as well but I had never done anything to work towards this goal until Marie pushed me. Now I have met people passionate about public speaking and leadership worldwide and I am on a journey to develop these skills.

I have the most amazing of mentors- sometimes I wake up and pinch myself coz God has just been too good. He is truly a blessing in my life. Asante my mentor! You are heaven sent. I honestly do not believe I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for positive and growth-oriented people and spaces.

Life can take us for a spin but we can always work it. Let’s all learn to be compassionate and kind with ourselves and yes get into those growth spaces. Change the people you surround yourself with. I am not saying kick out your friends and family. I am just saying level up. It is after all a #GlowUp Challenge


So what are you doing to be and think positive? Do share with us in the comments section

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2 thoughts on “Positivity”

  1. Lovely piece.
    One of the things that help me stay positive is gratitude.
    Being thankful helps me see positivity most times.

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