Letting go of good for great

Letting go of Good for Great

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Smack dap in the middle of a lockdown with all the worries and fears going on of what next, an opportunity comes strolling in that has me so excited. I got that excited because it was something that I would love to be part of. It was a project of interviewing and writing the personal life stories of 50 people. I have always loved listening to people’s stories. They always and I mean always energize me.

Even when I would fall sick and people would come over to visit, they would quite kindly, I may add, ask how they could help me. The answer was always the same,” Tell me a story!”. Yes, I love stories that much. It has taken me through a lot especially when I would be sick. You gotta read about that here.

So this project was right up my alley. There was only one thing to do- apply. I talked to friends and family. I organized my resume. Everything that was needed, I did it. And then an unsettling came over me.

When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.”


I could not understand why. I should be excited, right?! So why am I feeling like I may be doing the wrong thing? I couldn’t understand it. I then thought that I must be feeling fear and it was what was keeping me from grabbing this opportunity with two hands, two eager hands.

So I began to analyze my feelings, delve deep within myself. I know myself and when there is no peace, it’s my gut, it’s my spirit, the spirit of God telling me something- most times, something that I do not want to listen to. So I decided to sleep on it and wait for the morning. Everything does look so much better after a good nights sleep.

Letting go of good for great

Well, I do wake up to a beautiful sunrise and no, the feeling is still there. The gnawing sense of wrong. I prayed because that’s all I could do and honestly should have been the first thing I did. And I just get one word: Focus!

In that instant, I realized that I had been looking at the circumstances around me and it was driving my decisions. I realized I had days to get ready to launch my blog and there were still a lot of things that needed to be done.

I did not have the time to take on another project even if it was a good project. It was a good project and opportunity but it was a bad opportunity for me at that moment. And in that instant, I knew what I must do, what my soul had been telling me to do: I needed to let go of good to grab a hold of great. Roberto Ortiz in his blog post highlights the need to change our perspective so that we do not settle.

Letting go of good for great
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This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure, Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!

 Remember the name~ Fort Minor

We are all trying to build something- be it a name for ourselves,a business, a brand, a Legacy. We look to our role models and think ,”Oh,Wow! When will I get there?” How did they do it? It was just one thing: Focus! There will be so many distractions in our walk, in the journey we have embarked on but we need to keep our eyes on the prize,on the vision, on the why we started all of this.

And when we do that, it gives us the drive to push despite the pain,the disappointments, the good in the midst of the great and in time to come, your name will be remembered for generations because you finished your race. Keep your eyes on the main thing. Focus! Because that’s who we are. This is me!




So my lovelies, are you focused on the main thing? Any stories of having to let go of a good for a great?? Come on, run over and share with us in the comment section. You know I love stories. Haha!

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