God so loved

God so loved

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This is such an old song by Hillsong but the message remains true then, now and forever. And honestly, I can not say much more that what this song wants to convey. I pray that we all come to that place where we know that God loves us. Believe me, I battle with this but we still push on knowing that it is the truth despite how we fall at that particular time

God So Loved

Words and Music by Matt Crocker & Marty Sampson

I shall hold
To the cross
I shall hold
To God alone

For His love
Has salvaged me
For His love
Has set me free

For God so loved the world
That He gave His only Son
Whosoever believes
Will not perish
They shall have eternal life

I shall wait
Upon the Lord
I shall wait
Upon His Word

By His grace
I am released
By His grace
I am redeemed

By His precious blood
I have been set free
For the glory of Jesus’ Name

I surrender all
Now to Christ alone
In Jesus I am saved

Do share with us songs that make you feel loved. Yes, even the romantic ones. Haha!

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