Feminist? Nop

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Women! To be honest, I am not a feminist. I have never really understood this movement. Do not get me wrong! I believe in equal rights for all genders and all races but this movement doesn’t align with my personal beliefs, with who I really am. 

In fact, earlier on years ago, I would do everything I could do to not be part of women groups. To me, it was a forum of male bashing and striving for an equality that did not seem possible because I thought we can never be equal to men. Just look at us! We are different physically. I am not sure but many times, I think we are even different emotionally. We think about things differently or is it we experience things differently?

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I wish more women realized that helping another woman win, cheering her on, praying for her, or sharing a resource with her doesn’t take away from the blessings coming to them. In fact, the more you give, the more you receive. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness but rather from selflessness.”

Selene Kinder

But earlier last year, I realized that there is something beautiful and amazing about being a woman and a woman who supports other women. As women, we have the empathy and care to create deep and lasting friendships. Friendships that would go the last mile for you. I admit we are all not perfect and sometimes we may get it wrong but incredible things happen when women support other women. I have been blessed to meet and be part of such groups. These groups have indeed changed my mindset completely. When you find a group of women who believe in you, who inspire you, who encourage you to be the best version of yourself, there is nothing I believe that can stop you.

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I will admit that I have come across women who do nothing but pull down other women and I have heard millions of stories from other women who prefer their males bosses to female bosses because that female boss will try to bring her down. And I could not understand it. Is it because we have grown up in a competitive world where there seems to be scarcity for jobs for women at the top because of a boys’ club? If that is the case, why then as women are we propagating that by acting exactly the same way? Why not be different? Why not raise each other up and collaborate? That is where our power lies. And no, we should not leave the men out. Why not invite them over and make them see another side of the equation? Maybe we too will see their side of the story. I believe we should challenge this narrative and change the stereotype.

This one’s for the girls, who’ve ever had a broken heart Who’ve wished upon a shooting star, You’re beautiful the way you are This one’s for the girls, who love without holding back Who dream with everything they have, All around the world This one’s for the girls. Yeah we are all the same inside From one to ninety nine.”

This one’s for the Girls~ Martina McBride

We are all the same inside. It doesn’t matter our journey, our experiences or our past. It’s times we came and supported the women around us to be the best version of themselves. In doing so, we become the best versions of ourselves. No more pitting boys against girls, boys against boys, girls against girls. We are one and need to work together. We owe it to ourselves to change the narrative, to change the status quo. Be a woman who supports another woman. Be a sister! Because that’s who you are. This is me!




To all the groups of women who changed my mind about what it means to be a woman who is supported by other women, Thank you so much!! I am a better person because you all have stood by me. Cheers to growing and living our best lives

New Generation Mentoring Group

Christian Women Entrepreneurship Network

Pillars of the Palace


Zimba Women

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  2. Be a woman who supports another woman. Be a sister! Because that’s who you are. This is me!

    Powerful statement…!

    Thanks Patricia for this
    Neither am I a Feminist

    I am a sister!

  3. Neither am I a feminist too but I’m a SISTER. Always have, always will be.

    The twist is, I’m a sister to all, irrespective of their gender.

    I love this piece! ????

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