Blessings locate me ooo

Blessings Locate me Ooo

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I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning. My sister had made donuts. There is nothing better than fresh homemade donuts and a cup of hot ginger chai. Nothing!!! I was in a state of calm and tranquility, enjoying being alive and grateful for the day when a friend sent a good morning greeting talking of how she had been blessed by another friend the previous day.

This friend surprised her with a food package as well as a monthly internet package. She was so excited she decided to share it on our whatsapp group. As soon as I read it, I thought, ”Wow! That is amazing.” And in true me fashion proceeded to claim such blessings for myself.

I mean if such a story doesn’t inspire you to reach for more, what’s the whole point of inspiration? An entire industry has been built on inspiration. So yes, I agreed with that and simply said,” Blessings locate me as well” Hahaha, it’s so clique but hey, it was ok for then.

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“My cup overflows with your blessings”

Psalms 23:5

But I got to really thinking about it. So our good Lord blesses us everyday in various ways, many times astonishing us with the magnitude of the blessings. To what purpose is this? I believe it is because He loves us, unconditionally and completely. That as we go before Him as his children with our cups, sometimes expecting just a drop or maybe half a cup or sometimes a full cup, He says,” No my child, I will fill your cup to the brim and you know what I will continue filling it till it overflows. Imagine such a magnificent Father.

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But these blessings are just not for us. There is a saying that we are blessed to bless others. Imagine an overflowing cup, my hot cup of ginger chai just flowing over the side and continuing to do so, probably filling up the table where I had placed my cup and spilling onto the floor.

Now that’s just wasting a good cup of ginger chai. Now imagine as it gets filled to the brim, I call all my friends and family and strangers who come with their own cups and begin to fill one cup after another till they are all satisfied and I am also left satisfied to sit back on my couch, pull up an ottoman, place my feet up and relax to sip my cup of hot ginger chai.

Chai Tea
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And He loves to come and fill me up. He loves to overflow my cup He loves to come and bring His love. He loves to come and bring His touch to my heart Turning my mourning into dancing. Turning my weeping into laughing.”

Freedom Song~ Charlie Hall

That is what blessing others does for us. It frees us from the pains of all the yesterdays. It frees us to appreciate the presents of today and it frees us to receive more blessings from the tomorrows.

Our cup overflowing is not a one time thing. It is a continuous thing if only we would accept and understand that these blessings are there and are packaged in various ways. So let’s put out our cup for the overflow. We are blessed. That’s who we are. This is me!




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    1. Always feels good to receive blessings from others but being a blessing to others is the best thing in the world.

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