1. 2. 3. Bold Shifts

1. 2. 3. Bold Shifts

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It’s hard to say when I thought about leaving a social enterprise I had founded. I think it was a thought that did not make sense at all. I mean how does a mother up and leave a child? What madness is that? It doesn’t matter if your child is 40 years of age, living at home and an alcoholic. S/He is your child. Period!

So why was I here contemplating leaving it? Why was I here feeling Boys 2 Men song- And though we’ve come to the end of the road……well it is all about seasons. I never really understood that until I was in the season of shifts. There will always come a day where where you are is not where you need to be for the place God wants to take you to. A day where your present can not hold your future and you have make a choice- to stay or to shift. Shift is not easy. Sometimes you even wish you had a little push by someone else

We cant become what we need to be by remaining where we are

Oprah Winfrey

To shift means to move or cause to move from one place to another or a slight change in position or direction. You know it has been said that one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. is moving/shifting homes. A research was done that shows that moving/shifting to a new home is more stressful than divorce. Yep, imagine that! Now imagine that this is a physical shift! What happens when it is a mental or emotional shift? The stress is like double.

And that was where I was. In a quagmire knowing what I must do but not wanting to do so because of all the stress and uncertainty that came with it. I had no idea what or where I was shifting to. After being in something for over 8 years, it was what I knew. I was comfortable with it, even if it was not where I wanted it to be. I knew it and now, I was intentionally going to walk away into the abyss, into the unknown, into the uncomfortable. I thought that was plain mad.

You can not carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness

Thomas Sankara

Bold Shifts

But the thing is IT WAS NECESSARY. For me to grow to the place that I needed to be, I needed to shift. For me to walk in my fullness of purpose, a shift was required. And that took courage. It took boldness. A boldness I was sure I did not have. To be bold is to show a willingness to take risks, to be confident and courageous.

I felt nothing like this. if anything, I was the complete opposite. I didn’t feel like I had the courage to make bold shifts. But sometimes life throws you curveballs that propel you when you least expect it and then you realize that to be bold or courageous doesn’t mean you feel it, it means you have the willingness to try.

So I did. I shifted physically, emotionally and mentally. I moved from my home back to the family home. It was so weird when you are used to doing your own things in your own way. I shifted emotionally and mentally by letting go of what I thought I wanted- running a big enterprise to realizing that my values did not align with this. I actually desired to be a lifestyle entrepreneur where my family came first and adventure was top of my values. Realizing that took awhile but when I finally understood it in the midst of the shift season, peace prevailed and I became content and happy with the decisions I had made.

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So come and blow on through Spirit move, we’re ready for You to Come and blow on through Come and do what only You can do

Spirit Move~ Bethel Music

Looking back , I am now happy that though I did not understand or could even fathom where I would be a year and half later, I made a bold shift. And I am all the better for it. So the questions are;

  • Where are you?
  • Are you stuck in a quagmire wondering how you are going to make a change? 
  • Are you scared because you can not foretell your future?
  •  Does the thought of shifting give you heart palpitations?

2020 came with so many shifts that threw us back. I can not even say that 2021 will be any different. We can only hope. We are learning all sorts of words- to pivot, the new normal. Whether we like it or not, we are on an escalator that is moving forward and it is moving us well. Each day, there are shifts happening that impact us. We really have no choice but to be willing to take bold steps. 1. 2 .3. Bold Shifts

 And believe me, you are not alone. One of my pastors once said,” You are either entering a shift, in a shift or getting out of a shift!”. I laughed when I heard it but it has turned out to be so true. The question is, Are you willingness to take a step even when you can’t see ?Martin Luther King said ,”Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase“. Be willing! Be bold! Because that’s who you are. This is me!

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Kajambo, Hello Everyone! Let me tell you a little bit about myself..... I am a multi-passionate Creative Storypreneur, Designer, Creative Consultant and Creativity Coach with a mission to inspire and empower creators- individuals and brands to embrace their stories to unlock their creative potential to design their authentic, purpose-driven brands. I am also the Founder and Creative Director of This is Me!, a digital platform that takes on the role of bringing my mission to life. I love color and all things creative! Well, This is me!

6 thoughts on “1. 2. 3. Bold Shifts”

  1. I loved reading this piece because of the honesty and how realistic it is.
    When it comes to change we’re all guilty, we dread it so much. But then how can you manifest the greatness you were made for when you remain in your comfort zone?
    This is indeed a wake up call.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. You are most welcome. Thank you for saying that. It was a bit hard sharing the story coz I was looking back and I was like, But Patricia,eehhh you made some colossal mistakes!!! ha ha! But now, I am happy change happened.Thank you. I really appreciate your words.

  2. “You know it has been said that one of the most stressful life events a person can go through. is moving/shifting homes.” It is this statement for me. Moving is soooo stressful!

    Uncertainty and fear of the unknown can really hold us back from doing that which we know deep down we should be doing. Good job taking those steps of boldness! Keep going.

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